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July 1, 2013

Even Our Dreams

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Genesis 28:16. Then Jacob woke up and thought, “Surely the Lord is in this place, but I did not realize it!”

We are so very distracted by things. We look and don’t really see. We listen and don’t really hear. Sometimes God must resort to dreams to get us to listen and really hear. The sleep experts say it is important for our body and mind to get enough sleep. It is also important for our spirits. Even when we do pray and meditate there are times where we just can’t hear God. We want to but distractions and preconceived ideas hamper our hearing. God-given dreams can get through those distractions if we know what to do. Often we wake up from a dream and are immediately distracted. If we would keep paper and pen by our bed and develop the habit of writing down the dream as soon as we wake we will have it to meditate on and be able to ask God’s direction Holy Spirit to give us it’s meaning. We know God is everywhere, even in our dreams. No place and nothing is hidden from Him. May we continually realize His presence.

December 13, 2012


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Matthew 2:15  He stayed there until Herod died. In this way what was spoken by the Lord through the prophet was fulfilled: “ I called my Son out of Egypt.” 

Here is yet another old prophecy fulfilled, “I called my Son out of Egypt.”  Several things had to occur for this to happen.  The wise men had to be warned by God to go home a different way to avoid Herod.  Joseph had to be warned to flee.  Not only did Joseph have to be warned, he had to obey right away.  Once again Joseph listened to his dream and responded.  He got up, packed the gifts from the wise men and took Mary and the baby Jesus in the dark of the night and went to Egypt.  He stayed there until  God told Him all was safe.  We don’t understand why God allowed all those babies to be killed.  From our perspective it seems really cruel.  From our perspective we can’t see what those babies would face had they continued on this earth.  Our vision is very one-sided.  Our question is do we choose to trust God in and through all things even when we don’t understand?  It wasn’t the first time in history babies were slain.  Moses was born during a time as that.  God protected Moses and used him to bring the Hebrews out of slavery in Egypt.  Now God is using Egypt to protect His Son.  Man does very cruel things to man.  God does not cause man to do those things but God does protect the ones He chooses to work through.  They also have to be wanting to walk in obedience to Him.  God wants to work through each of us.  Are we willing to respond in total obedience? Are we willing to go into action as soon as we see the need?  It may not be something big like leading a multitude out of slavery.  It may be just as simple as helping just one person.  it will require a willingness to hear God, see the task and obey through action.  Let us be like the wise men and like Joseph and listen and respond.  

October 31, 2011

Taking Credit

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Da 2:25 Arioch took Daniel to the king at once and said, “I have found a man among the exiles from Judah who can tell the king what his dream means.”

I’ve read and studied Daniel several times but this morning I re-read this chapter and noticed something.  If you’ll read the verses before this verse you’ll see Daniel went to Arioch.  Here Arioch says he is the one who found Daniel.  How quick we are to take credit for things we don’t do.  I encourage you to read more of Daniel and see how he is so quick to give all credit to God.  We can learn so much from Daniel.  I choose to write less today in hopes we will all spend more time reading and meditating on God’s Word.  Have a great day with God.

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