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March 23, 2013


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John 11:56. Thus they were looking for Jesus, and saying to one another as they stood in the temple courts, “What do you think? That he wont come to the feast?”

Today is the day before Palm Sunday.  In the past I prepared by obtaining palm branches for our church to wave in celebration.  We don’t have access to them here.  But we still can wave our hands and rejoice.  On the day before our Lord’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem the people were all talking about Him.  They wondered if he would come.  They were sure He was the one who would save them com the tyranny of the Romans.  They wanted to crown Him their king instead of Caesar.  This added to the excitement of the Jewish people coming together to their temple in Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover, the celebration of their freedom from the Egyptians.  What better time to be free from the Romans than on this anniversary of their Egyptian freedom.  We have the opportunity of celebrating freedom from the sentence of death for our sins.  Our preparation for tomorrow should include a time of confessing our sins of commission and omission.  Our question is are we willing to admit our sinful actions, attitudes and inactions?  Let us prepare to rejoice tomorrow with free and clean hearts.

October 12, 2012

Crying Out

Exodus 14:15  The Lord said to Moses, “Why do you cry out to me? Tell the Israelites to move on.  

If we read the preceding verses we will se Moses did not cry out to God.  He did tell the Israelites not to fear for God would save them but he did not cry out to God.  Why did God say He heard Moses cry out to Him?  God hears what is in our hearts.  Moses was new at leading so many people.  He was nervous and was still learning to depend on God.  He had seen God’s faithfulness through the plagues against the Egyptians and the safety of the Israelites.  He believed God would fulfill His promise.  Yet his heart had the normal fear we all experience when facing a trial.  We have faith in God’s promise yet our normal emotions sometimes fear.  God hears our fears held in our hearts.  He hears them as a cry to Him even when we’re not aware we are crying to Him.  It is the spirit He has placed in us that cries to Him.  It is His Holy Spirit He has given us that cries out and gives us His wisdom and shows us His way through our trials.  Moses stood back and watched for God’s answer.  God gave him direction and the waters were parted.  We need to stand and listen and watch for God’s answers when we face our trials.  God never changes.  He is faithful.  He has promised to always be with us.  We only need to open our ears and our eyes.

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