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November 19, 2012


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Ephesians 3:12 in whom we have boldness and confident access to God because of Christ’s faithfulness. 

It is awesome that we are allowed to give boldness to approach God.  When we consider who God is and compare it to who we are it is really beyond comprehension that  He would allow us to speak to Him, let alone ask Him for anything.  It is because of His love  for  us and His sending His Word, Jesus, His only Son to come to earth in the form of us sinful beings.  Jesus showed us how to walk without sin, died for total and permanent payment for our sins and rose to return to heaven to show us we, through Him could also rise from human death to live with God through all eternity.  That, by itself is more than wonderful.  Yet God doesn’t stop there.  He allows us to come before Him with our praises and requests with complete boldness – that is complete confidence that through Jesus we have full right to approach God.  Our question is are we making use of the right Jesus has given us?  Let us as come with praises and petitions before God’s throne of grace throughout all our days.

September 23, 2012

Last Wills

Galatians 3:29 And if you belong to Christ, then you are Abrahams descendants, heirs according to the promise.

Many of us have made wills. These wills are to let our heirs know who gets what of our precious possessions.  Sometimes we are very specific in our instructions.  We have a possession that is worth more than all others we have accumulated and named in our wills. This possession is our relationship with God, the Creator through His Son, Jesus.  It is only through Jesus that we have the promise of being a joint heir with Him in sharing all that is in eternity in the Presence of the Father, God.  I wonder how many wills mention this possession and encourage our heirs on how to welcome this possession into their lives. The greatest gift we can leave our heirs is the gift of the wisdom we have gained from our relationship with God. To leave this out of our wills, our last chance to impart the knowledge of God to those we love, is a tragedy. I have written love letters to each out our children, in-law children and grandchildren. Every so many years I re-write them as situations, ages and maturity changes. I share the good and bad I’ve learned in my walk with God and encourage them in theirs. I pass my most valuable possession to them. I cannot give it to them. It only come from God through Jesus. I can give the directions to lead them to the greatest treasure they can be heir to that will take them through all eternity. I can pass it on.

July 19, 2012

Three Worlds

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Psalms 27:4  I have asked the Lord for one thing-
this is what I desire!  I want to live a in the Lord house all the days of my life,
so I can gaze at the splendor of the Lord and contemplate in his temple.

From time to time we should make a list of our wants and desires. We will find we tend to list them in an order of priority, our priority of our self-satisfaction.  As we look at this list we need to look at each thing asking what Jesus would want in our time and space.  If we really desire to dwell in the house of God for all eternity that desire will be on the top of our list.  All other things will relate to that one desire in some shape or form.  We have three worlds: the world of darkness where Satan is king, the world of bright light where God is King and the world between where we live.  We can’t see into the bright light for it is too bright for our eyes.  We look into the darkness and see all manner of shiny things Satin uses to lure us his way: riches, power, fame, etc.. It is hard to turn our eyes away from these things.  The longer we look at them the greater our desire for them.  God knew our eyes could not look through His light so He sent some of His light, Jesus, so we could see what was in the light.  As we learn to focus our eyes on the light of Jesus our desire will grow more and more until dwelling with Him really fulfills all the desires we can ever have.  The choice is ours: choose to look at Jesus or continue to look to the darkness and it’s temporal filling?

November 3, 2011

On My Way


Ps 39:5 You have made my days a mere handbreadth; the span of my years is as nothing before you. Each man’s life is but a breath.


Sometimes it is hard to remember that life, as we know it on this earth is extremely temporary in the line of all eternity.  This life is just a trip on the way to eternity.  Where we spend eternity is up to us.  God, our Creator, had enough compassion and love for us to send His only Son, Jesus Christ, to be born as a baby, live as man and die on the cross for our sins.  Accepting this and asking Jesus to be Lord of our lives opens the gates of heaven and the door to the place He has prepared for us.  We have a job to do as we travel this earth.   We must tell of God’s love, share His love and introduce others to His salvation through Jesus.  What a beautiful plan.  Imagine the God of the universe Who can do everything and anything by Himself, loves us enough to allow us to be part of His work.  The question is are we doing our part?

October 1, 2011

God’s Peace

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Jn 14:27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.


Many people are searching for peace.  They think if they have more money they will have peace.  Maybe if they get out of their marriage and marry someone else they will have peace.  Maybe a change of jobs will bring peace.  Some look to drugs or alcohol for peace.  There is only one place to have peace.  That is the peace Jesus promises us.  When we really trust in Him we will not be troubled or afraid and will have peace.  It is not the peace the world seeks.  It is a deep, inner peace that will last all eternity.  This kind of peace is beyond our carnal understanding.  We can be at peace in the midst of worldly, trying times. Our question is are we at peace with and in God?  If not, we must go to Him in prayer through His Son, Jesus Christ Who promised to give us His peace.  The there will no longer be a need for us to be troubled, worried or afraid because we will know that our future is securely in the hands of God.

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