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January 27, 2013

Jesus Calling

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John 11:28. And when she had said this, Martha went and called her sister Mary, saying privately, “The Teacher is here and is asking for you.” 

Lazarus, Martha and Mary’s brother, had become critically ill.  The sisters sent word to Jesus to come quickly.   Lazarus died and was buried.  Four days later Jesus arrives.  Martha is at the gravesite with the mourners but Mary remains in their house grieving alone.  Jesus calls for Mary. Jesus is calling for each one of us to come.  We, like Mary, may think our pleas to God aren’t being heard or answered but God promised He would never leave us alone.  God knows when, where and what we need.  It is not for us to sit in self-pity wishing things were different.  Jesus is calling us to a faith of action.  Take time to read all of John 11.  Our question is will we trust God?    

November 12, 2012

Stand Close

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Luke 23:49. And all those who knew Jesus stood at a distance, and the women who had followed him from Galilee saw these things.

All those who knew Jesus stood at a distance.  We must answer a question.  Where do we stand with Jesus?  Are we with Him through everything that comes our way or do we stand off at a distance?  After we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior do we find our excitement and our committment waning?  To stand with Jesus we must stand with all in God’s written word, The Holy Bible.  This takes the committment of our time, our energy, our money and all that we consider as ours.  God says to reach out to the homeless, to the lonely, to the grieving, to all who He puts on our path.  There is nothing in His Word about if it is convenient or if we feel like it.  We each need to search our own hearts and our time being spent and make sure we are standing with Jesus in His example when He walked on this earth and in His Word.

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