Ginrich's Devotional Blog

October 25, 2010


2 Tim 4:2b (from the Message Bible) “Don’t ever quit.  Just keep it simple.”


I really enjoy reading the ‘Message” translation.  It isn’t a study Bible but it is very good reading in the words we use today in the United States.  You’ve probably heard “KISS” for “Keep it simple, stupid.”  We seem to like to make things complicated.  I have trouble with our entertainment center.  I have to find which remote to use for what and sometimes I have to use 3 different remotes to get the right combination going.  It is not simple.  This passage in Timothy applies to our witness and what and how we speak of the Gospel message to others.  Using “churchy” words to those who are not in church are no more affective than throwing ice cubes into a frozen lake.  The Gospel message is simple.  We tell them about God, His love for us through His Son, Jesus and how we can be saved from our separation from Him.  Basically it’s “three in one and one in three and the one in the middle died for me.”  Let us communicate the child-like faith and trust we see in a very young child.  Let’s drop our big, fancy words and repeat the simple words of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  “Whoever believes in me will have eternal life.”


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