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May 9, 2013

Spell Checker

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2 Timothy 3:16. Every scripture is inspired by God and useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,

Automatic spell checkers are sometimes a nuisance.  If we don’t watch out they will change a word to a different one.  People have tried to do this with God’s written word, the Holy Bible.  They will often take a sentence out of context and manipulate it for a meaning of their own choice.  As Paul wrote to Timothy, every word in the scripture is useful for teaching, correction and training but it must be in the context of its entirety.  No word will disagree with the commandments of God.  All words will lead us to love God with all our heart, mind and strength and our neighbor as ourselves.  Any interpretation which doesn’t lead to this is wrong.  As with a spell checker let us be sure to ask ourselves the question, “will this understanding bring me into a closer reflection of Jesus?”

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