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August 30, 2013

Father’s Business

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Luke 2:49 And he said unto them, How is it that all of you sought me? know all of you not that I must be about my Father’s business?

Jesus told us to follow Him. That means to follow His example of being about the Father,s business. Our question is what is our Father God’s business. Jesus showed us the Father,s business is about love, healing and forgiveness. We are to love all of God’s creation. We are to heal rather than cause harm and we are to forgive. We all fall far short of those three virtues. When we have a critical thought or say a harsh or critical word we are not acting I love and we are causing harm. When we refuse to give up a hurt we are not forgiving. We seem to enjoy evaluating others. This is the same as judging. We judge by our standards rather than God’s love. Jesus once said whoever is without sin cast the first stone. They all put down their stones and turned away. We must out down our criticism and judgemental thoughts and words and get on being about our Father’s business; love, heal and forgive.

August 13, 2013

A Small Stone

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1 Samuel 17:40 He took his staff in his hand, picked out five smooth stones from the stream, placed them in the pouch of his shepherds bag, took his sling in hand, and approached the Philistine.

So often we think the stories in the Bible, like Davis slaying Goliath, are for children. There is much or every adult to learn from all that is in the Bible. Goliath was a big problem for the Israelites. David saw the problem and looked to God. He did not try to do as others by wearing armor. He stayed as he was accustomed to working. It only took one small stone to rid the Israelites if the big problem. One small stone handled in faith in God. We have Goliath-like problems in our walk. When we look at the problems do we just see how big they are or do we see them as an opportunity to let God solve them through us. Our question is will we allow our goliaths o torment us or will we look to God, knowing He equips us for all we face?

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