Ginrich's Devotional Blog

May 26, 2010


Scripture reading: Philippians 1:19-26

               A senior in the high school shot himself and died.  He considered it a solution to his problems.  It is a long-term solution to a short-term problem.  Sad to say many make this very wrong and selfish choice to end their problems.

            .  To commit suicide you are taking control of you own life.  You are telling God He has no right to you.  You are saying you do not trust your Creator. When feelings of this nature give rise, it is important to take control in a different way.  Don’t take control of your life — leave that with God.  Take control of your will — God leaves that with you.  Stand on what God says over what your emotions are telling you.

            Don’t condemn yourself for your feelings.  Feelings are temporary and not always based on reality.  Release your feelings to God.  Talk to Him.   Talk to a friend.  As you release these emotions your feelings will change and the reoccurrence of them will gradually become less frequent and less severe.

            We cannot see the future.  Our physical time here on earth is a speck of dust in relation to all eternity.  Only God can see all time and judge what is best.  I know it is hard.  Sometimes you are so very tired of your situation.  Trust others who have been there.  Trust God to see you through it.  Allow Him to touch you through others and through His Spirit.  It takes will and determination to turn your thoughts away from the negative when that’s all you feel. The more you exercise positive thoughts, the more blessed you will be.

            Stay in there brother, sister.  Keep your eyes on God and allow His full control of your life and timing.  When the time is right for you, God, and your loved ones, He will call you home in triumph — not in defeat. 

            Stay sensitive to others around you.  If someone is depressed or seems troubled, reach out to them.  Let the talk it out.  Call in professional help if necessary.  Most importantly, pray.

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