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August 10, 2013

Safe to Follow

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Joshua 4:21-22. He told the Israelites, “When your children someday ask their fathers, What do these stones represent? explain to your children, Israel crossed the Jordan River on dry ground.

Why is it significant to us today that Israel crossed the Jordan River on dry ground. It shows us that, as it was safe for them to follow God into the wilderness it is also safe for us to follow God wherever His Holy Spirit leads us. When we walk in obedience to God there is nothing to fear. That doesn’t mean we will never have trials but that God will lead us through our trials. The question is will we look for His leading or fret and complain about the trial. The Bible is full of examples how God leads and how are job is to follow in an attitude of praise and thanksgiving. If you are walking through a trial right now I pray you might look for God’s leading with faith and trust that leads to praise and thanks to God,

April 2, 2013


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Acts 1:3. To the same apostles also, after his suffering, he presented himself alive with many convincing proofs. He was seen by them over a forty-day period and spoke about matters concerning the kingdom of God.

The number forty has a big significance in the Bible. It is associated with a period of probation, trial, and chastisement. Jesus was tried in the wilderness for forty days and defeated the temptations os Satan.  It can also point to the action of grace  leading to and ending in revival and renewal. Jesus appeared off and on to His disciples off and on for forty days after His resurrection before ascending to heaven.  As I meditate on what to write and think I know what direction God would have me go I find He takes me a totally different direction.  I think we might be looking at what Jesus did during these forty days.  Our question is if you knew you would leave this earth in forty days how would you use them? The next question is what’s stopping you from dong it?  We might only have the next minute.

October 25, 2012


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John 13:7  Jesus replied, “You do not understand what I am doing now, but you will understand after these things.”

When I was a small child and one of my parents would tell me to do something or even not do something I would always ask why.  Their usual answer was “Because I told you so.”  Even though God has said we are to become as little children He was not talking about our demand to know why on many things.  He wants us to obey His Word through trust, not through understanding.  He wants us to accept in faith His direction and His protection in our walk on this earth.  We need to understand what He tells us but not the why.  The why is not necessary for obedience.  When we walk through a trial quite often we walk out with an understanding as to what God wanted us to learn in that trial.  We need the trusts of a little trial to be glad, to consider it joy, when God gives us an opportunity to grow deeper, learn more and understand more of His love and power.  Our question is are we willing to give up or demand to know why before we walk it out in obedience and trust?  He promises in the right time we will understand.

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